It’s Saturday night or Sunday a.m, and I hope you are just as wild as I am…pressing the button to an exhilarating weight-loss infomercial.
On a positive note, I have found some fantastic music with the following sites…

This website is huge, it’s Pitchfork. If you haven’t headed there yet, you are gonna love it. Updates and posts all the time, covers a wide variety of genre’s They even have their own TV channel.

Next up, New Dust out of Dallas and D.C, the best if you love indie, electronic and folk, I’ve found so many artists I never heard of before and t’is my personal favourite.

Lastly The Burning Ear out of L.A, you gotta listen to one of the latest musician’s they’ve posted, Lola. Her voice is insane!

And have yourself a happy Sunday.

Mac Demarco-jizz jazz?

A highly viral cold/flu bug that’s attacking the city, is gluing me to my bed.  I am only getting up to make weird tea concoctions and douse myself in cough syrup…but bonus with no life, and Lipton soup in hand, I’ve been a creep-a-leepin the internet to find this strange little man.

Coming this Friday is this crazy with a self- labeled genre of ‘jizz jazz’.  I like it but for more explanation I would say, soft indie rock or a twisted, talented man with a guitar, a show that you’d want to slurp a cheap beer and get lost in at Salon Il Motore. Or if you’re in my case, cough on your computer and watch him on the old internet.

He’ll be performing with Each Other, Freelance Fenner & DJ Cadence Weapon again this Friday.

You can find more details at

Enjoy and get outta the cold!