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Say yes to Sticky Fingers

How does one get annoying sticky fingers? Easy, stick your hands in some weird fancy cocktail involving sour puss, or maybe a chewed up wad of gum.  Steps on how to get the best of Sticky Fingers, you’ll need five talanted mustache clad babes, and some psyche pop and reggea.

Sticky Fingers formed in Newtown and their first album was released in March 2013.  They already have one Euro tour under their belts and are currently touring Australia and heading again to Europe, UK and back to their homeland to do a few summer festivals.  Once you give these guys a spin, you’ll understand the immediate success. They’re effing fantastic.


It’s Saturday night or Sunday a.m, and I hope you are just as wild as I am…pressing the button to an exhilarating weight-loss infomercial.
On a positive note, I have found some fantastic music with the following sites…

This website is huge, it’s Pitchfork. If you haven’t headed there yet, you are gonna love it. Updates and posts all the time, covers a wide variety of genre’s They even have their own TV channel.

Next up, New Dust out of Dallas and D.C, the best if you love indie, electronic and folk, I’ve found so many artists I never heard of before and t’is my personal favourite.

Lastly The Burning Ear out of L.A, you gotta listen to one of the latest musician’s they’ve posted, Lola. Her voice is insane!

And have yourself a happy Sunday.

Finally I LOVE this city when it’s not covered in that snow!

Merci kijiji!
Merci kijiji!
My lovely little purchase from a tiny Vintage shop (ring on the left)
These items are from my favorite 2nd hand shop on St. Laurent Blvd (building 2015 to be exact) Skirt is made with only recycled matierial and was only $7 dollars and the adorable bow-tie was $10.


Ah if you’re anything like me you hibernate all winter and  only climb out of the cave when it’s sunny and warm.  I now love Mtl all over again.

We hit up a park in Old Port and went on a treasure hunt in some great Vintage shops.

Bring back that sunshine!





Mount Royal

Mount Royal

Quite a trendy lil’ street in MTL. Only downfall is that the likely-hood of a street bike running over and killing you is higher then ever… many bikers.

On the bright side, the art is amazing, and the restaurants are tasty. I stopped in at the Pickle Barrel for a bite, it was delicious…but no pickles involved???

This piece was one that I loved.

Stretch them jambes!

Stretch them jambes!

I have tried a couple of terrifying yoga places in Montreal (yes they involved a large drum being played, and loud announcements of my awkward limb movements). I continued my search and I HAVE FOUND MY PERFECT PLACE. They even dim the lights, which is great when my booty in downward dog and know one really knows who collapsed on their mat.

It’s called Enso Yoga and it’s located on Maissonneuve and Peel. Every morning and different times on the weekend they do $7 classes…and it’s hot yoga, which is all the rage!

Be prepared to sweat your brains out 🙂


Hello 2013 and merci 2012!

Hello 2013 and merci 2012!

2012 has been a roller coaster ride if I can be any more cliche. I’m not going to bore you with a grandfather time story of all the events. Mais, this year has been great, the fashion, art, my friends, family(s) all amazing. Moving to Montreal was one of my best decisions and it has and is GREAT but seriously snow…go melt yourself.

I’m super excited to see what 2013 has to bring. I hope you have a FABULOUS New Years eve and a terrible hangover to prove it tomorrow. Whether your drinking your face off with close friends, strangers in an alley way, partying in da’ club or hiding in your apartment from overpriced cover charge and blinding sequin dresses; perhaps with a few cats???

Break last years’ resolutions, and read on in the new year